About Us

Reid Messerschmidt doesn’t like metal. He likes cardigans, Neil Diamond, and reading Virginia Woolfe. Robert Piller is very metal and barely knows what those things that Reid likes are. Why would he? They don’t even have double kick drums. Reid Messerschmidt Gets Metal with Robert Piller is the heart rending journey of two men attempting to find common ground; to see if a sensitive snob with a soft spot for Richard Marx can ever truly GET METAL.

Reid Messerschmidt Gets Metal Needs your input. Band recommendations, sign off suggestions, requests . . . whatever. We want to hear from you – want you to be a big part of this show. Metal is a community and so are we. So contact us at ReidGetsMetal on Instagram and Twitter, on Facebook, wherever. We just want to hear from you, even if it’s just to tell us how terrible we are.

Our cover art was created by the incredible Punchgut, who you can find at Instagram at @punchgut. Give him your money. The monster riff that opens and closes the show is by the might Egypt, out of our very own Fargo. They’re on Bandcamp and Spotify, etc. and if you can see them live, do it. My other show is called The Irrationally Exuberant. It’s scripted, absurdist comedy about crows, bigfoots, Johnny Appleseeds, Klaus Nomis, etc. Sometimes there are songs. Get it at TheIrrationallyExuberant.com, iTunes, Spotify, or wherever you find podcasts. It’s my baby, please listen. I’m also on Instagram at @IrrationallyExuberantPodcast, Twitter at @exuberantpod, and Facebook.