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Episode 36: Hello, again.

Reid and Robert are back to the old grindstone.

Topics discussed: Clapping, Celine Dion, Slayer, Minneapolis, The Cabooze, Prince, Beyond Creation, Fallujah, Gorgatron, vegetarian pizza, Black Crown Initiate, King Diamond, 1349, Frost, Dracula, Tech Death, Nailed Shut, Suffocation, Nile, Terrorizer, Death Angel, Ex Mortis, Morbid Angel, Otis Redding, Ghost, Alabama, Five Finger Death Punch, Bad Wolves, Nothing More, Fallout Boy, “We Will Rock You”, Queen, Wayne’s World, “Fat Bottomed Girls”, Might Ducks, Freddie Mercury, “Somebody to Love”, “Another One Bites the Dust”, Twitter, Flash Gordon, Highlander, The Greatest American, George Costanza, Tiny Music from the Vatican Gift Shop, Stone Temple Pilots, Velvet Revolver, “Fall to Pieces”, Scott Weiland, Layne Staley, Frank Sinatra, Slayer, Tool, Pearl Jam, Jeff Ament, Steam Punk, John Waters, Alice Cooper, Enslaved, Wolves In the Throne Room, Behemoth, Cannibal Corpse, Meshuggah, Eluvietie, Woods of Ypre, Burzum, Cattle Decapitation, Taake, Korpaklaani, Brother Ali, Patti LaBelle, “New Attitude”, KFC, “You’re My Lady”, Death, Judas Priest, Anthrax, Mayhem, Celtic Frost, Tom Gabriel Warrior, Hellhammer, Metallica, Megadeth, Black Sabbath, Electric Wizard, Sleep, Doom, Tony Iome, Limp Bizkit, Korn, Crazy Town, Slipknot, The Mountain Goats, San Francisco, The Grateful Dead, The Doors, The Fillmore, Chuck Schuldiner, Randy Rhodes, and new beginnings.

Episode 35: Enslaved

Reid and Robert discuss Enslaved.  Enslaved is very good.

Topics discussed: The Brothers Karamazov by Fyodor Dostoyevski, Enslaved, Friday the 13th, Beyond Creation, Leo Kottke, Kris Kristofferson, Merle Haggard, Willie Nelson, ASPCA, “Arms of the Angel”, “Always On My Mind”, Adele, taco, Hellraisers, The Sound of the Beast, Mastodon, Metalcore, Pink Floyd, Rush, Euronymous, Anthrax, Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, The Hard Times, Mayhem, Darkthrone, Emperor, Burzum, Monumention, Hammond B3 organ, Prog, Black Metal, “Thoughts Like Hammers”, RIITIIR, Bathushka, The Beatles, Emerson Lake and Palmer, Viking Metal, Wolves In the Throne Room, VH1, Headbanger’s Ball, New Order, Slipknot, Rick Rubin, “Plastic Jesus”, “Autoclave” by the Mountain Goats, “Dead Flowers” by The Rolling Stones, Cool Hand Luke, Corey Taylor, Stone Sour, Satyricon, Taake, Dying Fetus, Meshuggah, Woods of Ypres, “Tom Sawyer”, “Fly By Night”, The Grateful Dead, Phish, “Touch of Grey”, Robert Fripp, Aerosmith, Black Sabbath, Dio, “Faeries Wear Boots”, Punk, Orphan Annie, Happy Meal toys, Roger Rabbit, Burger King, Dead Boys, “Sonic Reducer”, “Ruby Soho”, Rancid, Reggae, Ska, Green Day, Simple Plan, Pearl Jam, Joey Ramone, Flogging Mollys, Dropkick Murphys, Sex Pistols, Ramones, Dee Dee Ramone, Cynic, “Integral Birth”, Death, Black Heart Initiate, Chuck Schuldiner, Lemmy, Tom Araya, Abbath, Cliff Burton, Dimebag Darryl, Lars Ulrich, Fenriz, Hellhammer, John Bonham, Keith Moon, The Who, and other dead drummers.

Enslaved, “Thoughts Like Hammers”


Enslaved, “Raidho” (Live)


Dead Boys, “Sonic Reducer” (Live)



Episode 34: Batushka with Melissa from Instagram

Reid and Robert are joined by Melissa, a listener who has made Reid laugh several times, so we had her on all the way from Australia. We discuss the fraught history of Black Metal monks Batushka.

Topics discussed: Designing Women, Batushka, Malcolm Turnbull, Australia, Fahrenheit vs. Celsius, Winter, husky Goths, Kylie Minogue, Neighbours, Natalie Imbruglia, “Chandelier”, AC/DC, INXS, Silverchair, Frogstomp, Pearl Jam, Destroyer666, Parkway Drive, Berserker, TATU’s “Everything She Said”, Platypuses, Tasmania, Tasmanian Devils, This American Life, Feline Leukemia, Crocodile Dundee, Steve Irwin, Mel Gibson, Hugh Jackman, Eric Bana, Faketushka, theft, Gorgoroth, Behemoth, Black Metal, Catholicism, Van Halen, Wolves In the Throne Room, anti-vaxers, Bart Simpson, Martin Luther, spiders, Art Garfunkel, vegemite, Shari Lewis, The Magnetic Fields, twee, Stephen Merritt, 69 Love Songs, “Papa Was A Rodeo”, Ben Stein, Ferris Bueller, “Meaningless”, The Charlie Daniels Band, Enslaved, “Thoughts Like Hammers”, John Ritter, Tex Ritter, and the more Black Metal.

Batushka (the real one) (live)


Magnetic Fields, “Papa Was A Rodeo”


Episode 25: BURZUM with Jake Lee Asen of Thrallfrost

Reid and Robert are joined by Jake Lee Alen of Thrallfrost to discuss the ever-controversial Burzum.

Topics discussed: Alanis Morrissette, Jagged Little Pill, Count Grishnack, Count Chocula, Perfect Strangers, Nate Pehler, dragons, Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, Sasquatch, Mothman, The Mothman Prophecy, Lords of Chaos, Burzum, Varg, Chris Barnes, Cannibal Corpse, Tool, Maynard James Keenan, Guns ‘n Roses, Burzum, Bathory, Madonna, Passion of the Christ, White Supremacy, Until the Light Takes Us, “Freezing Moon”, Necrobutcher, Snodde, Emperor, Ihsan, Cradle of Filth, Nazis, Mein Kampf, paganism, nationalism, Alex Jones, Richard Spencer, Jordan Peterson, Joe Rogan, MMA, Euronymous, Blink 182, Demifiend, My Chemical Romance, Mudvayne, Mushroomhead, Powerman 5000, Dead Kennedys, Dunkelheit, Filosofem, JRR Tolkien, Led Zeppelin, Gorgoroth, Power Metal, Kraftwerk, Fenriz, Wolves In the Throne Room, Crazy From the Heat by David Lee Roth, Benjamin Franklin, Mark Twain, “Jump”, “Runnin’ with the Devil”, Van Halen, Hammer of the Gods, Black Sabbath, Tony Iommi, Wayne’s World, Jimmy Page, David Bowie, Mindless Self Indulgence, Wattain, Goatwhore, 1439, Amish Paradise, Punk, Ska, 3 Minute Hero, Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Reel Big Fish, Brooks and Dunn, Burl Ives, Animal Collective, Celtic Frost, Grace Jones, Whitney Houston, Enya, Braveheart, Darkthrone, Underground Resistance, Crustpunk, Waco, David Koresh, Ted Nugent, Trump, Macron, Communism, Michael Jackson, Paul McCartney, Moondog, Philip Glass, Converge, “Concubine”, Hatebreed, Puddle of Mudd, Creed, Pearl Jam, “Jeremy”, Taake, James Hetfield, “I Am the Walrus”, Mortis, Techno, Avenged Sevenfold, and if Yes was a metal band.

Burzum, “Dunkelheit”


Moondog, “Moondog” (Full Album)


Thrallfrost, Promo Video


Episode 24: Wolves In the Throne Room with Pete Williams

Reid and Robert are joined by Pete Williams of Heavy Blog Is Heavy to discuss Wolves In the Throne Room. A good time is had by all.

Topics discussed:  Bike bells, Wolves In the Throne Room, Wolf Blitzer, Henry Miller, Proust, nature, Denver, magic mushrooms, Flying Spaghetti Monster, String Cheese Incident, Georgia, weed, Mad Max, cool hats, patchouli, Doom Metal, Black Metal, Thrash Metal, Swallow the Sun, negative reviews, Saint Vitus, Venom, Venom Inc., The Necrosexual, Electric Wizard, Pentagram, Olympia, Microphones, Beat Happening, Sleater-Kinney, Riot Grrrl, Queen, Swallow the Sun, ambient music, Thrice Woven, Nazis, Deafheaven, Hipster Metal, My Bloody Valentine, Two Hunters, Black Cascade, Celestial, Celestine, 808s and Heartbreaks, Kanye West, Tool, Maynard James Keenan, Primus, Diadem of Twelve Stars, Bjork, Danny Brown, Blind Guardian, contrarianism, St. Anger, Ride the Lightning, Metallica, Classical Music, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Neo-Classical Metal, Neil Diamond, Genesis, Pop-Punk, The Alex Jones Prison Planet, Corey Taylor, Meshuggah, estrogen, Evanescence, Arch Enemy, Once Human, Kitty, Burzum, Sleater-Kinney, Carey Brownstein, Portlandia, Jared Leto, Jordan Catalano, The Woods, Corrine Tucker, Heart, John Fusciante, Seven Year Bitch, Bikini Kill, The Fastbacks, Thrallfrost, Cannibal Corpse, Chris Barnes, “Dunkelheit”, Mayhem, and trying not to talk politics with Nazis.

Wolves In the Throne Room, “Born From A Serpent’s Eye”


Wolves In the Throne Room, “The Old Ones Are With Us” (Live)


Sleater-Kinney, “What’s Mine Is Yours” (Live)


Episode 22: Venom with The Necrosexual

Reid and Robert are joined by the Grim One, The Hardest Working Man In Corpse Entertainment – THE NECROSEXUAL!  They discuss Venom and have a nice time.

Topics discussed: Alabama, Venom, The Brother’s Grimm, Hanson, Woods of Ypres, Emo, Kerrang, “Orgy On Your Burial”, Metal Injection, Joan Rivers, Skeleton Witch, Abbath, Mortal Combat, Gary Holt, Exodus, Slayer, Jeff Hanneman, Chicago, Yanni, Reba McEntire, Bryan Adams, weed, GWAR, Gojira, The Goryhole Overture in F#, Black Metal, Mayhem, Carnivore, Goatwhore, Sexy Metal, Justin Timberlake, Anthony Gabriel, the Pocano Mountains, King Diamond, Venom Inc., Kronos, Abbadon, Tony “The Demolition Man” Dolan, Celtic Frost, Pro Wrestling, Gold Dust, Dusty Rhodes, WWE, Sting, The Crow, KISS, Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Peter Criss, Ace Frehley, “Beth”, Charlie Kelly, Welcome to Hell, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, NWOBHM, cheese is good, Manowar, He-Man, Power Metal, Motorhead, Pink Floyd, Tangerine Dream, Gentle Giant, Sex Pistols, Grunge, Euronymous, Varg, Possessed, Prime Evil, The Velvet Underground, Morbid Angel, Cryptopsy, Fear Factory, Vince Neil, Motley Crue, Van Halen, David Lee Roth, Destruction, Thor, Rob Halford, Lemmy, Goat Thrower, The Downward Spiral, Buckcherry, Shadow of Everest, Nova Scotia, Canada, Tool, “Ravenman”, Ravenwood, The Hunting Ground, Mastodon, Neurosis, High On Fire, Coachella, “Sweet Jane”, “Walk On the Wild Side”, Metallica, Please Kill Me, CBGBs, White Light/White Heat, Loaded, “Some Kinda Love”, Mo Tucker, Andy Warhol, “Venus In Furs”, Stockholm Syndrome, “Pushit”, AENEMA, Spotify, Maynard James Keenan, “Prison Sex”, “Stinkfist”, and Necrosexual Encounters.

A Day In the Life of The NECROSEXUAL


Necrosexual, “Necrosexual Encounter”


Venom, “Welcome To Hell” (Live)


The Velvet Underground, A Closer Look Documentary


Episode 13: Taake

Reid and Robert discuss Taake. It gets slightly deeper than usual.

Topics discussed:  The Sweetheart Ball, Taake, The Talking Heads, “Psycho Killer”, chainsaws, Euthanasia, Sam Kinison, Metalcore, polo shirts, Emo, HYM, Killswitch Engage, Thrallfrost, Demifiend, Black Metal, The San Francisco 49ers, Biohazard, Lava Girl and Sharkboy, Hoest, Norway, Christianity, Germany, Nazis, Muslims, Satanism, Varg Vikernes, Oakleys, “Billie Jean” by Michael Jackson, Surf Rock, Dick Dale, The Beach Boys, Darkthrone, 1349, Lords of Chaos, Black Sabbath, Tony Iommi, Django Rheinhardt, Willie Nelson, Nazis, Behemoth, Nihilism, Fascism, Antifa, “Myr”, Paul McCartney, “Hey Jude”, Existentialism, “The Opener” by Camp Cope, Australians, platypus, Georgia Maq, Sheryl Crow, “If It Makes You Happy”, Christina Aguilera, Thrallfrost, “Babylon the Great”, Cheap Trick, Elvis Surf Movies, Fargo, Siberia, Christmas, King Diamond, Ghost, “Welcome Home”, Judas Priest, Satan, and not talking about Nazis.

Taake, “Fra Vadested Til Vaandesmed”


Taake, “Myr”


Thrallfrost, Promo Video


Camp Cope, “The Opener”


Metal Movie Special: Lords of Chaos

Reid and Robert watch Lords of Chaos.  It’s very good!

Topics discussed:  Paddington, Paddington 2, Lords of Chaos, Wes Anderson, Black Metal, Rory Culkin, Kevin McAllister, Euronymous, Varg Vikernes, Mayhem, Dead, Fenriz, Sky Ferreira, nerds, imaginary girlfriends, Jonas Akerlund, Bathory, “Smack My Bitch Up” by The Prodigy, Spun, John Leguizamo, “Ray of Light” by Madonna, Jackson Pollock, Andy Warhol, The Scorpions, Nazis, Faust, Emporer, Samoth, Frankestein, Hellhammer, kvlt, Ovaltine, “Freezing Moon”, Paganism, Satanism, LARPing, Norway, Oslo, Bergen, The Big Lebowski, In Bruges, American History X, Sigur Ros, Iceland, and Fuck Varg!

Lords of Chaos Trailer.


Episode 12: Darkthrone

Reid and Robert discuss both Darkthrone and Cupcakke, the first and possibly last time these two have ever appeared together.  Our listener submission is from At Winter and is very good.

Topics discussed: Jeff Bridges, Darkthrone, Throwing Copper by Live, “Lightning Crashes”, Pearl Jam, Creed, Bruce Springsteen, Bryan Adams, Melissa Etheridge, Sting, Rod Stewart, The Three Muskateers, Shaggy, Lou Reed, Metallica, Lulu, Black Metal, Celtic Frost, Bathory, Nocturno Culto, Fenriz, throat lozenges, Rob Halford, Transylvanian Hunger, Marduk, Mayhem, Death Metal, Power Metal, Thrash, Varg Vikernes, Antisemitism, postmen, Death Metal, Norway, Blaze in the Northern Sky, Transylvanian Hunger, Under a Funeral Moon, corpse paint, Crust Punk, King of Hell, Gorgoroth, Dimu Borgir, Battlefield Earth, “Abracadabra” by Steve Miller Band and Sugar Ray, “In the Shadow of the Horns”, Judas Priest, Sad Wings of Destiny, Vikings, Odinism, Burzum, Ted Nugent, The Unibomber, Sex Pistols, Emperor, Lords of Chaos, Notorious BIG, Tupac Shakur, Camp Cope, Cupcakke, “Duck Duck Goose”, Eminem, R. Kelly, “Double Up”, Chris Cornell, “Capra Hircus Hircus” by At Winter, Nic Cage, Wicker Man, Isis, ISIS, Slint, Meatloaf, Taake, and Taake puns.

Darkthrone, “Transylvanian Hunger”


Darkthrone, “In the Shadow of the Horns”


Cupcakke, “Duck Duck Goose”


Black Metal Lozenge Commercial



Episode 7: 1349

Reid and Robert discuss 1349. Also, Phil Collins.

Topics covered:  Phil Collins, 1992, New Kids On the Block, Genesis, Peter Gabriel, The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway, “Sussudio”, A Hard Day’s Night, Black Metal, Before the Light Takes Us, Varg Vikernes, Darkthrone, Fenriz, Bathory, Hellhammer, Venom, Emporer, Burzum, Euronymous, Frost, vampires, Sex Pistols, Tom Gabriel Warrior, Celtic Frost, Bathory, 1349, Gorgoroth, “When I Was Flesh”, Dead, Massive Cauldron of Chaos, The Black Plague, The Roches, Robert Fripp, “Hammond Song”, “Frosty the Snowman”, mushroom trips, Avril Lavign, Mastodon, “Iron Tusk”, Leviathan, Grammys, The Eagles, Beavis and Butthead, Fiverr, A-ha, “Take On Me”, blast beats, and bad art.

1349, “When I was Flesh”


1349, “Slave”


The Roches, “Hammond Song”


Episode 2: Behemoth

Reid and Robert discuss Behemoth.

Topics covered: Bird Watching, Slayer, John Mayer, Behemoth, hangovers, Groundhog Day, “Conquer All” from Demigod, Black Metal, Nergal, Blackened Death Metal, Smurfs, Garfield, Nermal, Sumerians, Aliester Crowley, Antony and the Johnsons, Poland, The Voice, Leukemia, Goatwhore, 1349, fitness, Orion, Bruce Springsteen, Catholicism, Satanism, The Satanist, Me and That Man, HBO, Immortal, Corpsegrinder, Power Metal karaoke, World of Warcraft, “Zombie” by The Cranberries, crucifixion, metal video tropes, Little Red Riding Hood, Vision Boards, High School Intellectualism, “Slaves Shall Serve”, anxiety, Inferno, subwoofers, Ghostbusters, “Born In the U.S.A”, growls, “Thunder Road”, Classical Music, Metal Ears, Prog, Progressive Death Metal, I Loved You at Your Darkest, “God=Dog”, Pink Floyd’s “The Wall”, Judas Priest, Rob Halford, The Beatles, Black Sabbath, Elvis Presley, The Monkeys, Ringo Starr, Metallica, Lars Ulrich, Meshuggah, “Bleed”, Judaism, Math Metal, Joanna Newsom, “Sadie”, The Milk-eyed Mender, Enya, Sesame Street, and earthy Muppets.

Behemoth, Conquer All:


Behemoth, Slaves Shall Serve:


Nergal, kid interview:


Meshuggah, Bleed:


Joanna Newsom, Sadie: