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Episode 29: YOB

Reid and Robert discuss YOB.  YOB is very good.

Topics discussed: Memory foam pillows, YOB, carpet, Pittsburgh, Prog Rock, ELP, Yes, Genesis, Rick Wakeman, Hawkwind, Opeth, Neurosis, Devin Townsend, Dream Theater, Rush, Libertarian, Ayn Rand, Neil Pert, “Tom Sawyer”, “Fly By Night”, I Love You Man, Jason Segal, Paul Rudd, Styx, Mr. Roboto, Ronald McDonald House, 30 Below, Reba McEntyre, Brooks and Dunn, Eddie Murphy, 48 Hrs, Beverly Hills Cop, Ghostbusters, The Blenders, Boy Scouts, “Black Velvet”, Doom Metal, Stoner Metal, Sludge, Oregon, Hard Times, Our Raw Heart, “Beauty In Falling Leaves”, Meatloaf, “I Would Do Anything For Love”, Mike Scheidt, Woods of Ypres, Mastodon, Iced Earth, Dracula, Matt Barlow, Revolver, Queensryche, “Silent Lucidity”, Black Sabbath, The Great Cessation, Ama, Jimi Hendrix, John Lennon, Ancient Altar, Five Finger Death Punch, Rainforest Cafe, “Supernaut”, Vol. 4, “Victim of Change”, Judas Priest, Ozzy Osbourne, “Snowblind”, Fleetwood Mac, Eric Clapton, “Layla”, Cream, Derek and the Dominos, George Harrison, The Beatles, Wolves In the Throneroom, Gorilla Glue, Fender Telecaster, Dennis Wilson, The Beach Boys, The Manson Family, “Forever”, Full House, Jesse and the Rippers, Uncle Jesse, “Love Surrounds Me”, Bambu, “Stand By Me”, Percy Sledge, Ben E. King, “When A Man Loves A Woman”, Michael Bolton, Celine Dion, Weird Al, Kenny G, Burp Metal, Dying Fetus, “Hammer Smashed Face”, “Subjected to a Beating”, Reign Supreme, “Wrong One To Fuck With”, and wooden snare drums.

YOB, “Beauty In Falling Leaves” (Live)


Dennis Wilson, “Love Surrounds Me”