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Episode 15: Goatwhore with Nate Pehler of Brutalur

Reid and Robert welcome Nate Pehler of the band Brutaler and the Make A Riff Foundation to the studio to discuss Goatwhore.

Topics discussed: The Eagles, Don Henley, Goatwhore, The Steve Miller Band, serial killers, Steve Erkel, The Great God Pan, King Diamond, Elvis, The Favourite, Walmart, Advil, Brittney Spears, Crossroads, Yellow Submarine, Gorgotron, pizza, famous chicken dinners, #garbagelife, PAM, Acid Bath, Celtic Frost, Venom, Andrew WK, “Apocalyptic Havoc”, 70,000 Tons, REO Speedwagon, Cheap Trick, Nergal, Orion, Van Morrison, Entombed AD, Skeletonwitch, Cannibal Corpse, Chris Barnes, Six Feet Under, Corpsegrinder, Deicide, Carving Out the Eyes of God, Satan, New Orleans, blast beats, Metallica, Load, grunge, Re-Load, Some Kind of Monster, Dave Mustaine, Morbid Angel, Necrot, Trey Azogthoth, “Hammer Smashed Face”, Behemoth, 1349, “Wear These Scars of Testimony”, A Haunting Curse, Bronski Beat, A Blaze In the Northern Sky, The Great Southern Treadkill, memes, toxic masculinity, John Parr, Neil Diamond, “I Am I Said”, Bruce Springsteen, Mastodon, “Red Red Wine”, Beyonce, “Invert the Virgin”, Belle & Sebastian, Twee Pop, Emo, Wes Anderson, If You’re Feeling Sinister, “Judy and the Dream of Horses”, Bjork, R. Kelly, Juno, The Breakfast Club, Faces of Death, Village Green Preservation Society, Pitchfork, Buckcherry, Vicious Fvck, Kvlt, Instagram, Blackened Crust, Boise, Idaho, Young and In the Way, “Cold to Bones”, Ghostbusters, Qaanaaq, ShadowGrey, Juicifer, Rotting Thought, Deadmau5, Fargo, Brujeria, Shane Embury, Fear Factory, Carcass, Cradle of Filth, “Matando Guerros”,  and “Don’t Stop Believing”.

Brutalur, Hey Fuckface


Goatwhore, “Apocalyptic Havoc”


Goatwhore, “Wear These Scars of Testimony”


Belle and Sebastian, “Judy and the Dream of Horses”


Vicious Fvck, “Cold to Bones”