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Episode 28: Godflesh

Reid and Robert discuss Godflesh.  Reid is in love.  Robert is not.

Topics Discussed: The Bangles, Godflesh, Godsmack, puppets, haircuts, Great Clips, narcissism, “Through the Fire and Flames”, Facebook Marketplace, Les Paul, Buckcherry, Randy Jackson, Step Brothers, American Idol, Randy Johnson, The Brewers, The Jackson 5, Journey, Michael Jackson, “Faithfully”, “Open Arms”, Napalm Death, Justin Broaderick, Scum, Industrial Metal, Grindcore, Streetcleaner, “Christbait Rising”,  Throbbing Gristle, New Wave, Erik B. & Rakim, Pain, Nine Inch Nails, Metal Archives, Pitchfork, Heavy Blog Is Heavy, Static X, Korn, “Shoots and Ladders”, Disturbed, Goth Bros, Mortis, Emperor, South Park Mexican, Ministry, King of the Hill, “Endgames”, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Challenge Coins, Stolen Valor, Jesu, Suicide, “Frankie Teardrop”, Joy Division, “Blue Monday”, Prince, “Nothing Compares 2 U”, “Manic Monday”, Big Star, That 70’s Show, “September Gurls”, Susanna Hoff, Sleater-Kinney, YOB, “Beauty and Falling Leaves”, Lost, Cliffhanger, Sylvester Stallone, Christian Slater, Chantix, Ray Liotta, Goodfellows, Dennis Wilson, The Beach Boys, The Manson Family, Rob Schneider, South Park, and fat nerds.

Godflesh, “Christbait Rising”


Godflesh, “Endgames”


The Bangles, “September Gurls” (Live)