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Episode 20: Woods of Ypres

Reid and Robert discuss Woods of Ypres.  Reid is not impressed. Robert’s heart is broken. They both like Rilo Kiley,

Topics discussed:  Butterflies, sobriety, Woods of Ypres, Tiger Woods, James Woods, bomb cyclones, Fargo, South Dakota, Finland, Eluveitie, Demifiend, Voidrot, local shows, bad sound mixing, Slayer, Testament, Anthrax, Behemoth, Lamb of God, Thrallfrost, Staind, Korn, Goth, Doom, Post-Grunge, Canada, David Gold, South Korea, Kuwait, Juno Awards, “Mt. Pleasant Cemetery”, Black Metal, “Everything I Touch Turns to Gold (Then Coal)”, toxic masculinity, Pinkerton, Weezer, Bauhaus, Paradise Lost, Milton, The Cure, Iced Earth, Kurt Cobain, Nirvana, Stone Temple Pilots, Pearl Jam, Eddie Vedder, Scott Stapp, Bono, Peter Steele, Type O Negative, Opeth, Jazz Fusion, Celine Dion, Jason Segel, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Dracula, “Lightning and Snow”, Glenn Gould, Avril Lavigne, Nickelback, Chad Kroeger, Days of the New, Alice In Chains, Rilo Kiley, Star Trek, Star Wars, Jenny Lewis, The Golden Girls, Fred Savage, The Wizard, Nintendo, depression, Grey’s Anatomy, Devin Townsend, Varg, North Dakota Gay, Goat Thrower, “Sastruga”, Necrot, Cannibal Corpse, spreadsheets, Gorgatron, Green Jello, Merle Allin, The Necrosexual, Venom, Gorgoroth, The Beach Boys, Brian Johnston, Mike Love, Soulfly, Sepaltura, Carnivore, Peter Steele, Type O Negative, Playgirl, “Cinnamon Girl”, and learning lessons the hard way.

Woods of Ypres, “Everything I Touch Turns to Gold (Then to Coal)” (Live)


Woods of Ypres, “Lightning and Snow)


Rilo Kiley, “A Better Son/Daughter” (Live)