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Episode 9: Eluveitie

Reid and Robert discuss Eluveitie.  Reid is not impressed.

Topics discussed: Facebook, rabbits, Eluveitie, Alouette, nachos, barbacoa, sweatpants, France, Switzerland, Celsts, Celtic History, Helvetic Culture, Rome, Germanic tribes, Julius Caesar, Folk Metal, Korpiklaani, Death Metal, flutes, whistles, bagpipes, violin, Hurdy Gurdy, mandolin, lyre, choreographed headbanging, Joanna Newsom, Lord of the Dance, an angry bear, OzFest, Ren Fairs, Slipknot, Minneapolis, Juicy Lucy’s, St. Paul, “Everything Remains As It Never Was”, Nature Bros, the Swiss Alps, Bret Michaels, Mike Love, The Beach Boys,  John Cusack, Sean Penn, I Am Sam, Brian Wilson, Carl Wilson, Fergie, Jesus, Al Jardine, Dennis Wilson, Full House, John Stamos, Alestorm, Ireland, Pirate Metal, Black Metal, Pop Music, Meshuggah, “Havoc”, Helvetios, Def Lepard, Train, Buckcherry, Brian Dennehy, Devin Townsend, Evanescence, “Rhythm of My Heart” by Rod Stewart, Faces, Cattle Decapitation, vegetarianism, “Forced Gender Reassignment”, Monolith of Inhumanity, Travis Ryan,

Eluveitie, “Everything Remains As It Never Was”


Eluveitie, “Havoc”


Rod Stewart, “Rhythm of My Heart”